Flight Simulator

During my quarantine period in Germany, I had completed a few rtos courses, but I could not find the opportunity to use the knowledge I gained in any big or small project. I did a small study to evaluate the curfew in my country on weekends. Here I tried to make an interface with sensors like mpu6050, bmp180, neo 6m, hmc5983l and so on using FreeRTOS and STM32F429 MCU. I have observed the effective use of concepts such as semaphore, mutex, queue etc. I transferred data to the computer over UART and displayed the data in the interface. I created this interface with LabVIEW. I also used some API’s to obtain some data. The next step will be to transmit data by rf. Then I will try to add some features by integrating it into the system I prepared earlier. Sorry for adding noise to some places to hide my location.